Fall Leaf Batiks


Materials needed:

Cotton fabric, clear glue, liquid watercolor or fabric dye. 

In the Fall of 2020, during COVID, I held classes outdoors. Beautiful leaves were falling all around us while we worked. Inspired by this beauty, we decided to create an image using the gift Mother Nature was handing us. Any child that can squeeze a bottle of glue-without complaining that their hands are tired-can do this project. It does require one full day of dry time in between the drawing/gluing and the painting. 

How we made them:

For our project, we used a set of Jacquard Basic Dyes that you can find at Dick Blick or by clicking here: SAVE up to 24% off List!

These dyes are are bright, and easy to use. They are perfect for hard-to-dye materials, and work great on wood and reeds, as well as acrylic fibers, most plastics, hemp, paper, leather, and silk. Most likely you won’t have those type of dyes lying around your home, however. That is why I recommend using liquid watercolor. Dick Blick’s brand of watercolor is highly concentrated and acts as a dye, but will fade a bit when washed. You can purchase those here: VIEW PRODUCT DETAILS

5) Mount top of design to a dowel for hanging, or frame. 


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